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Poppys Impasto

Tanya Stefanovich


Impasto series.

In this captivating oil painting, a poignant scene unfolds as a lady stands amidst a vibrant poppy field, her gaze fixed toward the horizon where the sun sets above a forest. The composition is an exquisite blend of bold colors and textured impasto strokes, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the interplay of light, emotion, and artistic abstraction.

The lady, a solitary figure amidst the natural beauty, stands with an air of contemplation and wonder. The impasto brushstrokes give her form a tactile quality, creating a connection between her presence and the textures of the poppy field. Her gaze mirrors the viewer’s own sense of introspection, drawn toward the captivating sunset above.

Above, the sky is a mesmerizing tapestry of orange hues that radiate warmth and energy. The sun itself is a brilliant sphere of light, rendered through dynamic impasto strokes that create an almost tangible glow. The abstract textures of the sky evoke a sense of movement and serenity, adding depth to the composition.


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Materials used:
Linen: handmade natural high quality linen cloth with 4 layers oil priming before paint.
Paint: Winsor & Newton Oil (made in France), Georgian (made in England).

Each of my paintings carefully packaged, shipped, and insured, through a reputable courier.

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Dimensions 45 × 45 cm






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Sold, commission available.

Tanya Stefanovich

Tanya StefanovichAbout artist Tanya Stefanovich, London based artist, expresses the world as she spots it through vivid colours, inviting the viewer to see nature and the world in the most diverse ways. Her paintings are the reflection of intimate feelings by dynamic...