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Boat series, Moonlight

Tanya Stefanovich


Boat series.
“Moonlight Sailboat” is a mesmerizing oil painting that transports you into the tranquil realm of a night at sea. The artwork masterfully captures the essence of a sailboat gliding through the waves under the ethereal glow of a silver moon against a backdrop of a dark blue, adorned with a scattering of gentle clouds.
At the heart of the composition is a sailboat, its silhouette gracefully cutting through the tranquil waters. The artist’s adept use of oil paints brings the sailboat to life, imbuing it with a sense of movement and freedom.
The silver moon stands as the centerpiece, casting a gentle, mystical light that elegantly illuminates the surroundings, painting the water and the sailboat in a mesmerizing silver hue.
“Moonlight Sailboat” is a symphony of contrasts and harmony. It invites you to step into a world of calmness and beauty, to feel the gentle rocking of the boat, and to witness the tranquility of a night at sea. The painting captures the serenity of the moonlit waters and invites you to explore the mysteries of the night.

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Materials used:
Linen: handmade natural high quality linen cloth with 4 layers oil priming before paint.
Paint: Winsor & Newton Oil (made in France), Georgian (made in England).

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Dimensions 140 × 90 cm






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Sold, commission available.

Tanya Stefanovich

Tanya StefanovichAbout artist Tanya Stefanovich, London based artist, expresses the world as she spots it through vivid colours, inviting the viewer to see nature and the world in the most diverse ways. Her paintings are the reflection of intimate feelings by dynamic...