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Fields series, Poppy Sunset

Tanya Stefanovich


Field series.
“Poppy Sunset” is a breathtaking oil painting that transports you to a world of vibrant hues and natural beauty. The artwork beautifully captures a poppy field in its full glory, adorned by the warm palette of a sunset sky. The painting is a celebration of reds and greens set against a mesmerizing backdrop of a sunset, seamlessly blending shades of yellow, brown, and orange. The transition of colors evokes a sense of serenity and warmth, mimicking the comforting embrace of the twilight.
“Poppy Sunset” is a delightful blend of artistry and the inherent allure of nature. It encapsulates the tranquility of a setting sun and the vibrancy of a flourishing poppy field. The painting invites you to wander through the blossoms and witness the splendor of the sun bidding adieu to another day.

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Materials used:
Linen: handmade natural high quality linen cloth with 4 layers oil priming before paint.
Paint: Winsor & Newton Oil (made in France), Georgian (made in England).

Each of my paintings carefully packaged, shipped, and insured, through a reputable courier.

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Dimensions 66 × 66 cm







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Tanya Stefanovich

Tanya StefanovichAbout artist Tanya Stefanovich, London based artist, expresses the world as she spots it through vivid colours, inviting the viewer to see nature and the world in the most diverse ways. Her paintings are the reflection of intimate feelings by dynamic...