Sometimes it seems how science comes far to show true to us related with human body activity, even it touches secrets of creation but nowadays we steel can’t get answers to such simple questions as what is mood, impression, feelings, sense of beauty and how it can be defined. Of cause, scientists know, which parts of brain do modeling our conscious, where on the cortex based our personality, and also that all thoughts are synchronized pulses of electric currents. But if we would delve into exist knowledge, we will soon realize that the scientists themselves don’t understand noting, and using results of some experiments built theories on a sand. Although, researches of Freud, Schopenhauer, Sacks and other scientists giving a great base for creating some imagination of human consciousness.
Nevertheless, I would like to share my thoughts about the role the art play’s in our life. Perhaps my words will be revelation for someone or complete nonsense for another one, but I still wait your comments at the end in any way.
So, by the order. We easily can find that human is a social creature and living in common groups such as family, nation and so on. But let’s think what sociality for us, what is its purpose. Sociality is a mechanism aimed at the our survival. Sociality involved not only in our minds, but also reflected in the structure of the organs of the body (sex, etc.), sensory organs, and most importantly on the to share information. Such skills we are improving with each generation, and even passing in genetic information to our children. And I mean not only human speech. I’d better focus on emotions share. We never think about their true value for human. Learned how to describe them by words we have completely forgotten what they really are. The emotions – are the keys to our subconscious. The keys, that makes us happy, healthy, strong and intelligent. Keys, that open’s doors of others people, not our own only. This is like gate with double doors: if you want to open outside doors you should open your own inside doors. If you don’t care about outside doors, you will never touch yours one. By emotions we can give joy, peacefulness, love and even to heal others by the way healing themselves. But much easier we can turns out to cause trouble, hatred, malice, envy, completely forgetting about the principle of double doors and kickback.
Since ancient times people felt the need to convey emotions: dancing, singing, prose, poetry, drawing, modeling … there was only purpose of appearance all, without exception, the direction in art, and religion itself. And with only one reason: to provide human sociality, and thus survival. Today, thanks to the Internet and social networks, people got great opportunities of communication, exchange and increased transfer speed of information. But, at the same time, filled our life with empty words and even negative information. All our actions brought to automatism, the form began to prevail over the content. Art is gradually becoming just a means of enrichment or in the number of “likes” that is returned to the owner in a pitiful remuneration from advertising. How cheap we sometimes sell real treasure.
What’s about painting? It is the oldest method of transmitting emotions. Unfortunately, most of artists don’t fully understand the power of their hand. The run down for the style and perfection of execution may obscure the true value of the painting, and the thirst for reward without a doubt will soulless hand of the artist. The most vivid example is the church icons, the imagines that can heal. You can also get a perfect example in the picture of Malevich “Black square”. Scientists for a long time tried to unravel its secret, even found picture under black oil, though, and Malevich himself explained the phenomenon: “The artist creates sensation because sensation determine the color and shape.”
Painting – is a rare form of art, what does affect only in original. Any photo reproduction can’t convey what the author put into the canvas. On the other hand you should carefully select a painting for the living place, let me explain why. For creating positive emotions the artist haven’t to be inspired only, but also must have a very pure soul. Such works are not created by one day, sometimes its take years. Panic, fear, anxiety, and similar sensations are very clearly formed by observer (and most important easily achieving by the artists) that is too often add a special value to some paintings. For example, “The Scream” by Edward Munch.
That’s why, before hanging a canvas in the bedroom, I advise you to scrutinize a personality of the artist, to determine the level of positive, creative direction and of cause no negativity. It may happen, that hanging “wrong picture”, we often don’t understand the cause of ailments, diseases, mental disorders, insomnia … And we cannot blame the author. We do not watch horror movies around the clock, but to strengthen the nervous system or producing special feeling, if it is very rare, it is even useful.
In conclusion, I would like to wish you dear reader to discover the big power of the canvas, its soothing and healing properties. And to any artist never forget that when he mix paints on a palette, he shuffles into also an emotions, which are affecting to the viewers in the same extent influence as to the artist. Be healthy, happy, and share it with others, because it is so easily for the most perfect organism on the Earth.